SuperSwim Harness

The revolutionary concept of the SuperSwim training harness keeps you afloat, allows you to swim in place comfortably and produces no unnatural resistance. You will find the SuperSwim training harness an invaluable tool for improving swimming technique, as well as getting the most out of a confined swimming area.

The flexible ‘Fiberod’ and restraining/safety belt, prevent the swimmer from moving across the pool, yet permit a natural swimming motion using all strokes. The harder you swim, the more resistance experienced, giving you exactly the workout you want in half the time of lap swimming. The results are incredible.

Currently used by athletes and water enthusiasts in over 30 countries! Endorsed by Olympic Coaches, Gold Medalists, World Record Holders, Tri-athletes, Water Aerobic Instructors, Therapists, Doctors and Trainers. SuperSwim Pro swim training harness guarantees the ultimate water workout!