The truly intelligent pool and spa control system.

An IntelliTouch® Control System takes the work and worry out of scheduling and operating pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles. It also gives you one-touch control over additional heaters, valves, pool lights, landscape lights, water features and more. At the same time, an IntelliTouch system makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost.


  • Four-function spa-side remote
  • Installs in spa deck or tile.
  • Controls any four items such as spa jets, spa lights or pool lights.
  • LED lamp indicates Heating and Spa modes. Ten-function spa-side remote
  • Installs in spa deck or tile, semi-flush or surface-mounted.
  • Can be retrofitted to previous iS10 installation.
  • Controls any ten items such as spa jets, spa lights, pool lights, air blower, fiber optic lighting, colored lighting, water features, etc.
  • Thermostatic temperature control.
  • LED indicators for all buttons with backlit labels.
  • Controls variable speed or variable flow pump speed. Handheld wireless remote
  • Controls any four items/functions such as spa jets, spa lights and pool lights.