How To Pick a Pool Cleaning System

Swimming pools have to be cleaned. Otherwise, you run the risk of seeing algae bloom and have to spend for costly maintenance. But having a clean pool is more than just scooping up the occasional leaves, dirt, and other debris that make their way to your backyard water feature. It requires the right system that will automatically cut back on labour and costs. So say goodbye to the pool guy, and say hello to an efficient pool cleaning system.

With recent advancements in pool technology, you’ll find more and more pool cleaning systems that not only clean pools faster and better but are also ones that can map and scan as the device cleans. But before the technology dazzles you any further, consider your specific needs and your budget for a cleaning system. Below are some helpful hints to point you in the right direction.

Consider the size of your pool. A larger pool will mean more time spent in cleaning. If you happen to entertain people or have pool parties more than your neighbour, then you wouldn’t want the sight of pool cleaning robots or suction side pool cleaners ruining the overall décor of your social event. So get the right cleaner for the size of your pool. The cleaning cycle for some robots may run from two to four hours; the cycle will depend on the model of the robot and the size of the pool.

Look for cleaning systems that will allow your pool to be ready for swimming, anytime. This may require looking into an in-floor cleaning system, which is installed during construction for your pool. This automatic cleaning system will keep your pool clean and healthy by using a dirt and debris removal method engineered specifically for your pool’s design. It can clean built-in benches, steps, and even fountains — however which way you’ve designed your pool.

Be keen about features that could save you money on energy bills and maintenance costs. Having a pool is an investment, both for enhancing your lifestyle and for boosting your property’s value. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money to keep it crystal clear and healthy. Consider cleaning systems that use advanced technology with heaters that warm pools faster, saving you on heating costs; and ones that efficiently circulate water, preventing an increased need for chemicals and further costs over the lifetime of your pool.

The right cleaning system for your pool will allow you to maximise your enjoyment, giving you, your family, and guests years of refreshing, outdoor fun. So start looking for that ideal pool cleaner. Make that investment. And get that pool immaculately clean.