What is an Intelligent Pool?

What is an intelligent pool? Is it a pool that can turn you from beginner swimmer to Olympic champ? Will it tell you exactly how much calories you’ve burned while doing a couple of laps? Or is it going to actually let you swim — even when you don’t know how? Sadly, such jaw-dropping features have yet to be considered for swimming pools. However, technology has caught up with pool design and construction, which is why you’ll hear about the intelligent pools.

Your Pool Can “Communicate”

Intelligent pool is basically a term for advanced components for swimming pools. These components have been tweaked for high performance and given the kind of technology that offers automated management of pools. Currently, manufacturers have come out with several pool devices that can actually communicate with one another, enabling optimum management for all connected components — from the flow pump to the filtration system.

When the different components of your pool are interconnected, the technology allows each one to automatically trigger if something is detected. For instance, when metering pumps detect low pH levels, it can automatically set off the filter so proper levels are reached. There are also self-activating devices for your pool such as an intelligent pump, which can calculate the minimum flow required and it adjusts accordingly to achieve minimum energy use but with maximum performance. Essentially, your time and effort in making sure your pool is maintained will be greatly reduced.

Bright Accessories

Manufacturers are also coming up with sound technology for accessories. A good example would be the lighting you can use for your pool. Today’s underwater lighting can consume half the energy used by traditional lights — without sacrificing on the illumination of your pool. Most will be designed with solid-state technology, which means there are no filaments to break, and they’ll be resilient to shock and vibration.

What’s even more appealing about advanced underwater lighting is that you can pre-program for light shows easily, which should elevate parties or celebrations you might have around your pool area. Other recent advancements in pool equipment and accessories include a self-cleaning chlorinator with electric timer, automatic in-floor cleaning systems, intelligent pool controls, and solar heating.

There is a lot of innovation when it comes to swimming pool technology, each one addressing a specific consumer need. From more efficient cleaning systems to reduced maintenance costs, today’s swimming pool may be equipped with the best technology. Discover just how “intelligent” your pool could get today by seeking out advanced equipment and accessories.